Preconstruction & Planning

Advanced Planning Brings Big Savings in Both Time and Money

SYS-CON understands what it takes to see a major construction project to completion. One of the most vital aspects of any successful project is expert planning and preconstruction.

Best Value

Bring Value

Cost Management

Potential Cost Savings

Decision Making

Informed Decision Making

Eliminate Surprise

Eliminating Surprises

What Preconstruction Looks Like with SYS-CON

SYS-CON has the experience and knowhow needed to shepherd your major construction project through from start to finish, on time and on budget.

  1. Project kickoff and review meeting to gather all necessary information.
  2. Set up regularly scheduled reviews to ensure all members are aware of budgets and schedules.
  3. Ensure bid packages meet your exact needs.
  4. We perform design, coordination, and constructability reviews.
  5. We perform hands-on field investigation to verify as-built drawings and existing conditions.
  6. We develops and deliver a construction phasing and logistics plan that maintains adjacent ongoing operations and ensures the safety of all involved.
  7. We identify and schedule the purchase of long-lead items to ensure appropriate budgeting and schedule adherence.

For each value analysis suggestion, we prepare a comparative value study that includes an assessment of cost and schedule impacts.

We offer a comprehensive breakdown of alternatives that weigh the cost implications and take into consideration the operational costs, product durability, and ease of operation for each suggestion.

A Proven Process Leads to Success

SYS-CON uses proven methodology and experience to bring you the most accurate cost estimates, including:

  • Calling upon recent SYS-CON Construction projects for comparison
  • Utilizing relevant and regional bid information
  • Ensuring that we are accounting for temporary measures
  • Incorporating comprehensive phasing plans that could impact project cost and duration
  • Pricing a variety of options to streamline the decision-making
  • Breaking down the estimates by system or program area
  • Using forethought to present options that do not limit future plans

SYS-CON takes the value analysis process very seriously, thinking outside the box to achieve your goals with your budget and project needs in mind.